Relevant CRM provides CRM solutions for equipment dealers.

Our solutions are built on industry leading CRM platforms from Microsoft and Salesforce.  They include ERP integrations, pre-customized forms and dashboards, activity automation and management tools that help your team make the most out of every opportunity.

Office Technology

Office Technology dealers have more competition than ever. Leveraging the data with our e-automate integration helps reps stay on top of expiring leases, equipment with excessive service calls and available inventory. Our customizable reports and dashboards give managers and executives visibility  into the business to make better decisions and increase productivity.

Heavy Equipment & Material Handling

Relevant CRM’s solutions for the Heavy Equipment and Material Handling industries include integrations with QuipWare, NDS Solutions and Equipsoft — among others. With our software, your sales team can easily access pertinent data that helps win deals. And, with our management tools, business leaders can easily manage the sales pipeline and encourage collaboration among your team.

Easy to use

manage customer opportunities as an extension of familiar tools like Office 365


out-of-the-box or customizable for your unique business needs, our systems are scalable and have the flexibility to fit how you do business

Best Practices

thoughtful software architecture
that follows industry standards and
proven processes

Industry expertise

more years of experience installing
CRM solutions for equipment dealers
than anyone else

Personalized support

know your account manager and rest assured that any issues will be resolved quickly with our responsive SLA


our competitive pricing makes implementing CRM easier than you may think

CRM Solutions for equipment dealers

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Since 2003, Relevant CRM has been working with Equipment Dealers to implement CRM systems that empower their sales teams to succeed. By focusing on industry Best Practices and leveraging experience from hundreds of successful implementations, Relevant CRM delivers an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful system that gives your team one place to see a holistic view of every customer and prospect. Built on both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and, we deliver an industry-specific CRM solution that leverages the best technology available today.


Our solutions are easy-to-use but also flexible. We understand that sales people want to be out in the field selling — not in a conference room learning how to use software! But, after hundreds of CRM installations, we’ve also learned that not every dealer has one-size-fits-all needs. Our system can be simple…and can also accommodate customizations that will solve your unique business requirements.

Both. We are partners with both Microsoft and Salesforce and have pre-customized solutions built for both CRMs. We also provide consulting, support, training and are committed to enhancing our solutions each year.

We have solutions for cloud and on premise software. And, with our mobile solutions, sales reps get a consistent sales experience anywhere with the ability to seamlessly work across multiple devices.

While our customers may seem like they have little in common, both markets sell and lease equipment to other businesses. Both of these markets can benefit from leveraging certain ERP data such as excessive service calls, lease renewals and machine ownership during the sales process.


We love the opportunity to show our software in action. Let us know the best way to get up with you and we will be in touch!