Our Software

For a dealer to be successful with CRM, the software must be easy-to-use
and intuitive. Building on office software applications you already use, our programs maximize user adoption at every level of your organization.

Our CRM solutions for equipment dealers are pre-customized with industry best practices in mind. By accessing shared customer data in one place, your team will be able to work together to maximize every opportunity. And, your management team will be able to track opportunities, manage your pipeline and measure success.


increased productivity with access to real-time data anywhere, on any device

Charts & Dashboards

customizable reports allow leaders to gain quick business insights to uncover new opportunities and see problems


use ERP product information to configure quotes quickly, right inside your CRM

Territory Management

automatically assign reps, ensure territories are balanced and minimize ramp-up time for new hires 

Contact Management

easy access to complete, consistent customer information for everyone on your team

Activity Automation

make daily work in CRM fast and easy with our activity automation tools


leverage ERP and equipment data to keep reps informed and find potential replacement opportunities

Leases and Contracts

plan for renewals and identify
new opportunities with important
contract data

Service History

gain customer insight with information from service records and notify reps of excessive service calls


you can’t manage what you can’t measure; set team goals based on KPIs and manage your team with them

Sales Pipeline & Forecasting

accurately project revenue to make more informed business decisions


flexibility to customize CRM to meet unique and changing needs – such as managing multiple lines of business in one system


email marketing, campaign automation, surveys and reporting – all integrated into your CRM


Our integrations (we call them “connectors”) with industry-specific ERPs add game-changing data to your CRM that can give your team a competitive advantage and help uncover new opportunities.

ERP PartnerECi Software Solutions

Connector solutions since2008

1030 Fields35 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Lease, Contract, Equipment,
Service Calls, Meters, Invoices, Orders

Our connector puts the right e-automate data in front of your sales team with easy access to everything they need to serve your customers. Your sales team can review meters, contract details and overages to make sure contracts are profitable and are renewed. Get alerts for excessive service, expiring leases and overages. Find equipment with high or low cost per copy, high service or old age to suggest replacements and protect profits. Manage every lease renewal including competitor leases. With our solution your team will spend less time researching and more time satisfying more customers!

ERP PartnerDealer Information Systems

Connector solutions since2010

540 Fields19 Entities

Top EntitiesEquipment, Invoices, Work Orders,
Periodic Maintenance

Our connector puts the right QuipWare transactions and equipment data in front of your sales reps. Your team will get a 360° view of the customer without leaving Microsoft CRM. They will spend less time researching and more time with customers. With access to equipment and associated linecard, warranties, contracts, work orders and configurations your sales team can renew contracts, find customers with aging equipment and suggest equipment upgrades. Quick access to inventory and equipment available for rent speeds the sales process and enhances customer value.

ERP PartnerDealer Information Systems

Connector solutions since2015

842 Fields25 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Equipment, Service History, Machine Ownership, Warranty, Items

Our DIS Solutions (formerly NDS Solutions) connector makes it easy for your sales and service team to collaborate, know the customer and win more opportunities. It is easy to get a 360° view of each customer in a simple, graphical format.  See each piece of equipment and its associated warranties, machine ownership, and service history. Find customers with aging or high hour in-service equipment. View periodic maintenance details and even schedule equipment maintenance with our custom scheduling tool. Easily create quotes for sale or rent with used equipment from the Solutions’ equipment inventory. Manage sales follow up on rentals with our automated process.

ERP PartnerIndustry Built

Connector solutions since2014

224 Fields11 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Equipment, Service Contract, Rental Contract, Work Order, Warranty

It is easy to access your EquipSoft customer data in CRM with our Equipsoft Connector. See each customer and their associated equipment, warranties, contracts, work orders and rentals. Your sales team will be able to renew contracts, find customers with aging or high hour in-service equipment and suggest equipment upgrades easily. Use our equipment entity to view all on-hand inventory and equipment available for rent.

ERP PartnerSoftbase Development, Inc.

Connector solutions since2016

392 Fields17 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Equipment, Invoice,
Work Order, AR Activity

Our connector puts the right Softbase transactions and equipment data in front of your sales and support team members giving them get a 360° view of the customer without leaving their CRM. See each piece of equipment and its associated work orders, invoices, attachments, financials, lease expiration, rental information, specifications and warranties. Customer sales summary data includes parts, labor, equipment and rentals as well as balance, credit limit, YTD, last YTD and ITD totals. Find customers with aging or high hour in-service equipment.

ERP PartnerConnectWise

Connector solutions since2014

766 Fields29 Entities

Top EntitiesCompany, Projects, Tickets, Time, Agreements, Invoices

Take your sales CRM to the next level with our connector for ConnectWise. By bringing key ConnectWise data into a powerful CRM system, you benefit from the customization, data visualization and workflow capabilities of CRM. See profitability at the customer, project and ticket level. Create notifications for important events. Tie sales activities to ConnectWise projects and tickets.

ERP PartnerDealer Information Systems

Connector solutions since2011

98 Fields7 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Equipment, Invoices, Sales Orders

Unlock the data inside your Minitrac server! Our solution enables your sales and service team to access customer data and financials, see their equipment inventory and review orders and invoices. Leverage your data to retain and grow your customer base with better and faster service. Free your sales team so they can spend more face time with customers and less time on internal communications and research.

ERP PartnerIndustry Built

Connector solutions since2016

144 Fields11 Entities

Top EntitiesCustomer, Contacts, Orders, Inventory and Invoices

Your team needs up to date information on what is happening throughout your business in order to provide a great experience for your customers. With our JustFood Connector your sales team will have quick access to the customer, project and financial information in the interface they use every day. With access to data on sales orders, shipments, invoices, product listing, pricing history and sample requests your team will be able to spend less time tied to their desk and more time serving their customers.

ERP PartnerEDA

Connector solutions since2013

76 Fields6 Entities

Top EntitiesAccount, Contact, Equipment, Lease

Make the most out of every lead with Relevant CRM’s EDA connector! Leverage your EDA sales data, and give your reps access to all the details they need to acquire new accounts. With our EDA Connector your team can quickly and easily import all of your EDA competitive data directly into CRM. We take care of matching existing accounts, contacts, equipment and leases so that you don’t have to worry about data quality. You will also save valuable sales time by eliminating follow up on duplicate account leads. Our connector helps your team to make the most use of your EDA investment to discover competitive accounts, equipment and leases and close new deals.

ERP PartnerECI & ConnectWise

Connector solutions since2009

150 Fields6 Entities

Top EntitiesCompany, Contact, Contract, Invoice, Service Call, Labor

e-automate and ConnectWise provide excellent platforms for office equipment dealers and IT service firms. But how can you run one business with both? Our e-automate Connector for ConnectWise solves this problem enabling dealers to have accurate financials managed in e-automate while eliminating double entry of service tickets and billing notes. Create a seamless experience for your customers while providing the best tools on the market for your teams!

Other ERP Integrations

Don’t see your ERP listed? We want to discuss developing a new integration with you!
Contact us to discuss your project.

We are currently investigating developing connectors for Keystone, Dysel and Basic Software.
Contact us if you have an interest in one of these integrations.


Quoting Integrations

Drive user adoption by integrating quoting into your CRM! Leverage the data in your CRM to generate quotes from anywhere without having to learn another applicaiton. Track and report from lead through sale, and enjoy greater flexibility with generating documents, approval processes and workflows.

In addition to our own quoting tool and configurator built in Dynamics CRM, we have integrations with Compass Sherpa, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA), SalesRepAssistant (SRA) and Digital Quote Manager (DQM). Contact us to see a demo of our configuration and quoting capabilities.

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